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I'm a karate-ka of 28 years, with a 4th Dan in Wado-Ryu (Khalsa Karate Association). I'm also a 4th Dan karate-jutsu with Karate Jutsu Gakkai Organisation (Surrey Karate Academy); a Goju based practical karate style with an approved dojo by the IRKRS ( and GKC Global (


More importantly, I'm a big kid!

I started karate when I was ten because I was being bullied. Since then, I've had the privilege not only to learn from some of the best individuals, but to be part of some of the best clubs in England. I also competed for many years and medaled at the English Champions twice.


Nowadays, I teach classes and seminars. I love training and teaching, but never take myself too seriously. Life is too short!


I’m a qualified gym instructor (REPs2) and the creator of H.I.I.T.T and Kick, a martial-arts based fitness class that focuses on practical self-defence techniques.


​I love everything about karate, from the history and philosophy, to practical application and sport. You could say that I'm a bit of a geek about it. 

I wanted to share what I know and my journey, as I'm sure like many other people, I've experienced self doubt, trials and tribulations, injuries etc. 

Hopefully you enjoy it and please feel free to get in touch – even if it's just to say 'hey!'

Jez :-)

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